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Smily™ Tooth Repair Thermal Beads

Smily™ Tooth Repair Thermal Beads

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  • Safe Alternative. Smily™ Thermal moldable teeth beads are made from environmental friendly polymer plastic and can help you regain the power of smile.

  • Instant Solution : Thermal beads will provide you a way to fill in a missing tooth temporarily until you can get to a dentist. The moldable thermal beads works as a temporary teeth repair kit which can make you smile instantly and confidently again, you can just shape it yourself.

  •  User Friendly: It can be used for broken teeth, big gaps, uneven teeth and missing teeth until you can get to a dentist. Refer to the instruction below.



  • Shape and size are appropriate to wear on your front/back teeth.
  • It adopts natural resin-based materials, non-toxic and tasteless, will not be absorbed by the human body, can be reused, and is environmentally friendly.
  • Simple operation, no special tools, complete in a few minutes, and the adhesive is firm and not easy to fall off
  • Can be used for excessive teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, Halloween dentures, etc.
  • Prevents the shifting of preparation teeth.


    1. Prepare a cup of boiling water and pour the amount of about 15 pieces of gel (for one piece of fangs)
    2. Stir in the cup and then get it out when it goes to be transparent
    3.  Make the gel cooled for about 5 seconds after taking it out of the cup. And then put the gel in into the fangs slot so that you can glue the fangs to your own teeth, using your hands to squeeze the gel to both the gaps between teeth and the inner side of your teeth. This can make all of this to be a complete and compatible tooth socket.
    4.  Get the tooth socket out and cool it for some minutes till the gel become white.
    5.  Repeat these steps for another fangs. Please note that these teeth sockets can be used for several times.

    Package includes:

    • 30ml * Smily™ Repair Granules
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