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Toortle™ Travel Pillow

Toortle™ Travel Pillow

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"We can honestly say that our minds have rarely been blown by something as simple as a pillow" - Men's Journal

Toortle™ Pillow has a ton of technical features and tidy details wrapped into a tiny neck pillow package.  It's durable, safe, and best of all, ready to go anywhere your head goes.  Perfect for sleeping on airplanes, road trips, AirBnB's, motels, tent camping, van life, or for nightly use.  Rigid ribs keep your head in the clouds while you sleep comfortably.

Patented design fits any neck shape, jaw, and shoulder. All this combines to give you the most comfortable sleep possible on the move.

Our Pillow is scientifically proven to hold the head and neck in a better ergonomic position than a traditional travel pillow.

Do you want to SLEEP well or Relax during your TRAVEL without worrying about stiff neck and sore shoulder

Revolutionize your travel experience with our new Travel Comfy Pillow. Our Pillow designed in this way that it support your head and neck in all 360 directions. The internal support design is the key to our travel comfort pillow. Our Travel Comfort Pillow style suits every neck, jaw, and shoulder. Compared to a conventional travel cushion, the Travel Comfort pillow provide more comfort and support to your head to retain in more ergonomic posture while travel.

Travel Comfort Pillow

Trusted By 50,000+ Customers

Join over 50,000+ happy customers who enjoy travelling without worrying about stiff neck and sore shoulder with Our Travel Comfort Pillow.

Our Travel Comfort Pillow will allow you to travel most comfortably everywhere without worrying about stiff neck and sore shoulder. its light-weight and compact. Trusted by over 50,000+ Happy Customers. Easy to use and machine washable.

Travel Comfort Pillow

How It Works

1.Undo the velcro and Extend the Pillow

2.Position the internal support comfortably against your neck

3.Loop, wrap, and nap


  • Usage: Body, Travel
  • Filling: 100% Cotton
  • Characteristic: Therapy, Massages, Antistatic
  • Form: Convex
  • Material: Polyester / cotton
  • Fabric count: 60
  • Model number: 150454
  • Thread Count: 200tc
  • Part: Neck

Package Content:
1x neck scarf

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Customer Reviews

Based on 346 reviews
Cindy Schoen

The product is fully as described. Excellent quality!

Floy Sipes

Beautiful as in the photo, removable and washable product.

Tremaine Kerluke

The order arrived within 8 days. Very fast.

Florian Daniel

It is very soft, comfortable and fresh. I had my doubts because I had not bought the seller before but I am super happy with the purchase! Recommended 100% :) arrived earlier than expected.

Rahsaan McGlynn

Super fast and very good materials.
Highly recommended