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Airdio™ 12V 150dB Compressor Air Horn for Truck, Train, Car, Van, Boat, with Tubes

Airdio™ 12V 150dB Compressor Air Horn for Truck, Train, Car, Van, Boat, with Tubes

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Why you need a Compressor Air Horn?

Air horns have long been used in emergency and civilian vehicles as a signaling device to help increase safety and visibility on the road. In addition to alerting other drivers during an emergency or dangerous weather conditions, they provide a means for trucks, trains, boats and other vehicles to communicate their position and warn others of their proximity. 

Don't blow your temper, Blow the horn!

A powerful and loud: Single horn blares out a loud and powerful warning. The two durable trumpets can produce sound as loud as 150dB. The great powerful sound catches everyone's attention.

Premium quality: There is constructed out of premium quality material to ensure maximum strength and durability for long-lasting usage.

Versatility: Can be mounted on any application that has a 12V DC power available. With a polished red compressor and shiny chrome horn, they cast an eye-catching appearance on any vehicle-mounted.

Affordable: Designed for customers looking for a loud and affordable air horn. The build quality is great and worth it for a very affordable price.
Easy installation: It is flexible and portable so it has the reflexes to take from one car to another easily. The horn kit includes basic mounting hardware and hose.


Suitable for Any Vehicle that Uses 12V Battery. 
These horns are the perfect upgrade for your trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, boats, and motorcycles. The installation process takes less than an hour and is easy to do.

150 dB Single Compressor Air Horn
1: Your vehicle is heard from far greater distances.
2: The deep notes can be heard over loud music.
3: Increases safety and reduces the chances of accidents and collisions.
4: It makes a stronger statement than any stock horn.

No air system needed.
Easy to fit, glistening chrome finishing and tuned train horn sound.
This train horn can fit in almost any vehicle, but deliver the big sound you need.
It may be small but they pack a punch that can rival any air horn out there.
This horn is the complete package.

Condition: Single Trumpet
Material: Chrome Plated ZINC Trumpets(Non-Rusting)
Overall Dimensions : 17.7"L x 3.9"W x 3.9"H
Trumpet Lengths: 16.9"
Trumpet Diameter: 3.7"
Air Tube Length: 14.6"
DB output : 150.2 dB
Frequency Hz of horn: 680 Hz

Package Included:
1 X Airdio™ Air Horn
1 x Airdio™ Air horn tubes
1 x Airdio™ 12V compressor
1 x Airdio™ Fitting Accessories

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