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4F Heated Vest With 3 Heating Levels

4F Heated Vest With 3 Heating Levels

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Sometimes body warmth alone can’t cut the cold

Heats up in seconds, an essential for the winter season. A favorite amongst Cold Intolerant people, people who suffer from Arthritis, or Hypothyroidism, the elderly well as winter sports enthusiasts.

Why choose 4F Heated Vest?

4F Heated Vest

  • Intelligent Temperature Control.
  • Infrared heating technology with no radiation.
  • No electric shock hazard.
  • Fast 1 minute heating mode.
  • Can be charged with a power bank.
  • Washable and lightweight.

Other Heated Vests

  • 1 heating mode.
  • Hazardous.
  • Low quality fabric
  • Short battery life, no power bank support
  • No moisture wicking


Health Benefits

Warmth may be best known for its comforting and relaxing properties, but heat therapy provides pain relief for sore and injured muscles and can expedite the healing process.


Applying heat promotes healthy blood flow that increases the oxygen and nutrient flow to muscles, relieving pain, decreasing recovering time and improving overall performance.


Light and Washable Heating Vest

Can be machine washed or hand washed. The material is comfortable and skin-friendly. It is not cumbersome to wear in a thick coat in winter.


Heat for Painful Joints and Arthritis

Heat therapy isn’t just for muscles. Stimulating blood flow and increasing circulation increases the range of motion and reduces stiffness in painful joints.


Only 5V far infrared heating, far below the human body safety voltage 36V. Stable heat and body safety voltage. Suitable for better warming of the abdomen and waist area.

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